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How Hockey Pucks are Made

Hockey pucks are flat and round. Made of solid, black rubber, they are three inches acrossin diameter and one inch thick. Each puck weighs about six ounces.Early hockey players needed an object with a flat side that would slide on the ice rather than bounce around. Hockey pucks are made in bluk in a macjine.The machine grabs 4 in of the rubber and drops it into a two-part mold. The mold is heated. The two parts of the mold are compressed together. Approximately 10,000 pucks can be made in one day. Then the logos are silk-screened and printed on the puck. Thats how to make a hockey puck in a quick explanation.

Some Fun Facts

NHL teams keep their pucks dor the game in a freezer, so when they are on the ice they don't bounce as much. They make three different kinds of pucks. Blue- for juniors, Black- Squirt players-NHL- adult leaque, Orange-Nobody really uses these but you can use them to get more power in your shot.